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The BA Partnership exists to help landlords and building owners maximize the return on their assets by directly managing the asset and/or working closely with the asset's stakeholders.

We will also take on leases for spaces specific to Client requirements and allow them to occupy under licence agreement for a shorter term

We take on the leases ourselves so we are in control and will create and provide office space as per the clients requirement. We do not list numerous properties which are not ours. Everything will have been taken and committed to by us on a lease.

The BA Partnership Difference

The best  bespoke office solution where clients benefit from fully  managed options. This allows the establishment or maintenance of brand identity whilst running a fluid and progressive office, something normally only obtainable from a serviced provider.

The BA Partnership Solution

A winning solution of Fully managed  gives clients the best solution to their needs: flexible serviced offices designed to a client's exact needs with the benefits of managed space.. We will take the liability of a Lease and allow you to occupy on a fully managed basis

Tenant Representation


We are commercial property advisers & solely represent tenants and therefore take a truly impartial look towards acquiring and disposing of leases and freeholds for their many clients, we strive to get the best deal possibly available - we love doing deals and building long term relationships and friendships, in fact most of our work comes from clients referring us to other companies and associates.

With over 40 years property experience


Find & Fill Service


We find the perfect workspace in the right location. We can even manage it on a daily basis too.



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